Tip: Cheapest Design Wall

Watching videos on Youtube about quilting, you really get a sense of how other people do things, and what can make your life easier that you may have never even thought of before. For me, that is a design wall. If you're not familiar, a design wall is a large piece of flannel that you hang onto your wall or staple to a large piece of foam board, that you can stick your fabric onto while you're piecing a quilt. Because it is flannel, the fabric will "stick" to it and not fall off and you can easily move it around and design your quilt. Its alot easier than doing it on the floor and gives you a better sense of what the final product is going to look like.

Anyway, I went searching for an official design wall. Fons & Porter sells one that has lines printed on it, which could be useful, but I probably wouldn't actually use them that much. However, on Amazon.ca its $30 (I think it was even more when I originally searched it); and in Fabricland it was something outrageous like $60. (Don't get me started on how overpriced notions are at Fabricland, its absurd). I could have purchased a large piece of flannel, but probably would have had to piece together smaller pieces to make it big enough and it could have been quite expensive still.

Well, I came up with a better idea! I ended up deciding to buy a flannel-backed tablecloth! I got one from Amazon - 52" by 90"  - so its huge! And it was only $11. It came all folded up so it has some crease marks in it, but those will eventually drop out, I'm sure. And it works like a charm! I just used some pins to attach it to the wall and have been planning my projects and "storing" blocks that are in the works. I love it! Highly recommend.

Here's another picture of it folded in half - makes it look a little cleaner, but I do like having the space of the full wall. 

And a sneak peek of my Christmas quilt that I"m slowly working on!

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