My first gifted Quilt

I finished a quilt! This is my third quilt I've ever finished and the fastest by far. My two previous quilts, I would work on in spurts over literally YEARS. But this one I finished in just over a month from receiving the fabric. I'm so happy that I've finally got a space set up to do my sewing in and also my new sewing machine is helping too :)

So, I decided to make a baby quilt as a gift for a friend of mine that just had her baby (a couple weeks early!). She had a baby boy but her nursery was going to be fairly neutral so I found this Fat Quarter Bundle of the blues/greys from April Rhodes Observer line with Art Galley Fabric.

I bought the small Half Hexagon Template from Missouri Star Company and used that to cut out all the hexagons for the quilt top. I actually ended up getting my first (and hopefully only!) quilting injury while cutting these hexagons - I had to get three stitches  in my ring finger :(

Also, for the back I did my first ever "improv quilting" and just used some of the scraps from the quilt top - it was really fun!

Lessons Learned - these are probably obvious to everyone but since I'm self-taught these are things I'm learning along the way!
- the backing fabric needs to be larger than the top - give yourself extra room!
- tape the backing fabric down when basting! This will prevent bunched up fabric
- trim up the binding so its perfectly even
- when quilting, start in the middle and work your way out

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