So, I think I'm going to start a crazy project! I recently found out that there is a sew-a-long happening of Tula Pink's City Sampler from her book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. Angie over at Gnome Angel is hosting this on Instagram and hosted it last year as well. I was looking through the hashtag and it looked like everyone had so much fun last year and that it was intense but really great!

I've been kind of regretting not joining in on the #the100dayproject but I couldn't think of anything I could do for 100 days. But this would be basically spelled out for me - they do one block every single day, working their way though the book in order. I can be creative in terms of colours and what fabrics I choose but I will know what I'm supposed to do each day. And also there will be others doing it with me! I think I'm going to try. I've never attempted a project like this before so I'm a bit nervous but also excited. I bought the book on Amazon last night.

I also hope to learn alot of new techniques, get comfortable at making decisions a little more quickly (I expect this to be a struggle at the beginning), and hopefully get to know some other quilters that are participating as well! I've been thinking about how beneficial it would be to get into the habit of daily creating, and shaking some of my routines and habits that I already do daily (ie scrolling endlessly on my phone), and doing something that will make me happy as a priority.

It starts very soon - May 7th and I've already begun prepping for it. I'm still fairly beginner and it takes me quite a while to choose and cut fabrics and then sewing and ironing too! So I've selected and cut the fabrics for the first 20 or so blocks and I've even started creating the first few blocks so I have a bit of a cushion. I still want to try to have the experience of sewing daily. But I know that if I try to do everything all in one day, I would quit pretty quickly. I still have to post a picture of a block every day on Instagram. So there's alot to do! But I'm looking forward to it. I just can't decide if I should create a new Instagram account for this project or put it all on my original accunt...

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