Weekly Wrapup

This past weekend I actually worked on a few different crafty projects so I figured I should share them here! Because that's why I have this blog, right?

1. To begin with, on Friday, there was a Fabric Sale held at a local church, put on by a group called the Ujaama Grandma's (No idea what the name means!). There was rooms and rooms of fabric that people had brought in and donated, and all proceeds were going to charity. Wow, I spent about an hour going through the quilting fabrics room in detail, and then a quick peruse in the notions and yarns, general fabrics, and books; and walked away with a massive bag full of things. I got mostly an assortment of scraps that I'm going to be using for a project I'll talk about next, as well as some fabric for a potential Wiksten Tank I'd like to try making, and a couple books and some batting. It was quite successful and nice to know that all that money goes to help Grandmothers in Africa.

2. So on Saturday, I went through all those scraps and organized them by colour. There was a lot of browns and neutrals which is not a colour I can see myself using that much.. so we'll have to see if I end up using much of it or if I end up giving it away. I've got each colour in ziplock bags at the moment but I'd like to get some sort of organizer to store all my sewing stuff in. I just don't want it to be too big, because I don't need an excuse to get too much stuff!

3. So I've decided I'm going to take part in the #100days100blocks2017 challenge! I was debating on it for quite a while, mostly because I didn't want to have to spend alot of money on all that fabric. I was looking at different colour schemes and thought it would look very cool in a limited colour scheme, but knew I would have to buy a lot of fabric for that, and it would be hard not to get bored of that kind of colour scheme for 100 blocks. So with the fabric sale, I ended up deciding to just go with the rainbow theme like on the front cover of Tula Pink's book. I think it will be easier. I've never tried a daily challenge of anything before, so I'm a bit nervous on how hard I'm going to find it. What I've decided to do is to try to plan out the blocks and do my cutting beforehand. That way, I can just sew up the blocks and share it on each day (which will be hard enough!). So I've prepped the first five blocks. I think that is the most time consuming part actually - picking the fabrics and colours, etc. But I think if I can keep on top of that and prep most of the blocks before the challenge even starts (on May 7), then I at least have a fighting chance of keeping up with this challenge. So watch out for lots more posts on that project coming up.

4. And finally I did a little home project! We have these curtains in our bedroom that are nice and dark and allow us to sleep in on the weekends! I actually just brought them from my old house, but they're originally from IKEA. Anyway, in our bedroom they were far too long and looked really sloppy all over the floor, plus they would cover our heat vent. So I decided to cut off about 20 inches from the end of them and it looks so much better. I've ordered some grey thread so once that comes in, I will try hemming them (I've never hemmed anything before!), which will look even better. But it already helps our bedroom look tidier so I'm really glad I finally got around to doing that.