My Creative Journey

 I wanted to give a little history of where I've been the past few years. One of the reasons I restarted this blog was because I feel like I've recently found a bit of my creative "mojo" again after not doing much creative work for the past several years. So I was reflecting on my creative journey over the years..

Back when I was in college and writing this blog, I was constantly creating things - knitting, sewing, crafty goodness. I had always been a crafty kid growing up too. In college, I was reading other people's blogs back then, but I often found it inspiring in a way that actually allowed me to still create the things I thought of creating.

 After I graduated college, and got my first real job, I had more limited use of my time and resources while I paid off debt and worked hard. I also started making real money for the first time and found that I really liked going out to events, concerts, and hanging out with friends. I spent much less time at home in my mid-twenties doing the things that I always loved to do - reading and crafting. Then I discovered the brilliance of Netflix and Youtube.

 I went through phases of my Youtube addiction - starting with beauty vloggers. I learned how to apply makeup and how to spend my income at Sephora. I enjoyed it but eventually grew somewhat bored. I found other Youtubers to follow - so many in fact that I would spend on average 1-3 hours daily catching up on all my favorite youtuber's videos. Its embarrassing to admit that it was that amount of time but it definitely was. I watch videos about makeup, books, lifestyle, and random people's lives ie daily vloggers. I loved seeing other people living a creative life and following their dream. But I didn't realize that I was stifling my own desires to live a creative life while doing this.

Then about a year ago, while my hours were cut at work due to an economic downturn, I found myself with lots of free time, but not the financial stability to go out and spend money as much - I was also in a serious relationship which comes with its own reasons to spend a little less time going out. So I began to spend more time at home, mostly focusing on rekindling my love for reading. After watching so many Youtubers I had thought many times of starting my own channel, and so I finally did - a channel about reading and books. I had always planned on creating videos about other things, but other than a couple travel vlogs, I didn't really end up doing that. And, predictably, I lost interest and motivation after about 10 months in making videos about books. I liked reading but I wasn't passionate about it, especially not about talking about it.

Back in September, I discovered the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild and have been going most months since. I found it so inspiring and exciting to meet women who had similar interests as me and to be able to interact in real life was so nice. It really inspired me to spend more time creating and working on the crafty things I always enjoy doing when I devote time to them! And increasingly since then, I've been realizing how much happier I am when I spend time being creative and making things, than when I'm sitting idly consuming content.

Not all that surprising but something I continue to struggle with in terms of how I spend my time! I'm really trying to get back into the habit of creating rather than consuming in my free time, and I want to document what I'm working on here. Future posts will have some pictures, I promise! :)

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