Modern 9 Patch Mashup Quiltalong!

I have never taken any sort of training to learn how to quilt. I've read blogs and that's about it! I hadn't  even (until recently) looked at quilting books. Why? I'm not sure... I like to be independent and learn things on my own for some reason. But after making a few quilts and running into similar problems with my accuracy, I figured it was about time to get some sort of help. I found Melanie Ham on YouTube, where she does videos on quilting, sewing, and crochet projects. She was running a Quiltalong (called the Modern 9 Patch Mashup QAL) that was for beginners and more advanced quilters and the blocks included some techniques that are basic but that I just haven't really tried before. So I decided it would be a good opportunity to learn some things that will help me out, before I develop bad habits.

The course is an online video based course that is distributed in chunks every other week. The first lesson (of about five videos) was about selecting your fabrics and colour theory. I found an image that I used for my inspiration. This is just a picture I had pinned years ago because I like the colour palette of purple, teal, neutrals, and a pop of orange. Then I selected my fabric.

The next week's lesson was our first block - the Half Square Triangle block. She included tips on prepping, cutting and measuring fabric that were a bit eye-opening to me and already have made the class worth it to me. And over the long weekend I created all three HST blocks that we're supposed to make! I'm loving and I'm having a ton of fun working on this project.

But now I have to wait another week and a half before the next prompt! I'm itching for the next project already... and I may have found one but its a big commitment... I'll talk about it more in a future post but here's a hint - #100days100blocks2017

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