6 Years Later...

So after six years (a week short of exactly six years!), I'm deciding to bring this little blog of mine! Not that I expect anyone to still be following this, especially with the death of Google Reader (remember that?!)

I could have easily started a new blog for my comeback, but I was recently looking back at my old posts and I didn't think it was so bad actually! I had written 200 posts which was over 4 years. I had made this blog private because I was embarrassed about it, but now I'm not as embarrassed and decided to keep the same old blog. I know I'm going to wish I hadn't ever stopped.

I'm not planning on this blog to have any schedule or regularity of posts at this time, but I will just post when I feel like it, with no guilt associated. But I'm hoping to go back to my creative roots and use this as a place to share my creative projects and thoughts I want to put out into the world. But mostly I'd like to have an archive of my projects. I'm currently very much into quilting right now. I'm just really excited that I think after many years, I've finally found my creative mojo again.

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