Project Restyle

mar 26 003

So this goes to show what I've been up to for the last month or so - moving out into a townhouse!

I had a lot of fun decorating and setting up our new place, but I'm excited to be done finally and start having friends over more and being able to explore our neighbourhood!

One of my favorite projects in our new place is the dining room table chairs. We thrifted these four different chairs and we decided to spray paint them all one bold colour. It looks so good in our house now!!

mar 26 004

First we had to sand the chairs, and then we started spraying!!
mar 26 005

mar 26 006

I loved the colour but I was a bit worried it would look out of place in our townhouse. But no, it looks so awesome!!

New House! 008

mar 26 012

Spray painting is fun!!

This post is inspired by Elsie's Project Restyle. They are transforming unwanted things into fresh, beautiful pieces.

Project Restyle

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Kristina said...

The chairs look awesome, great job! They really make the room pop :)