On Being Tall

On Saturday, I was at the grocery store and this little 8 year old girl and her mom came over to me and the mom said to me, "My daughter told me that she would like to be as tall as you someday, and she wants to know what you eat to get so tall?"

I sorta laughed but mostly my entire day was made and I walked around with a huge smile on my face after! I quickly looked into my cart - Fortunately it was full of fruits and vegetables!! So I was able to say, eat very healthy - lots of fruits and veggies; and a glass of milk every day." I think the mom wanted to give me a hug.

Then, we were both getting mushrooms, and the mom leaned over to her daughter and said, "Look, we're getting the same food as her! Maybe someday, we'll be as tall as her!"

For the record, I am 6 feet tall; which is quite taller than the average for Canadian woman which is 5'3.4" according to this interesting list. And I was telling someone today that I probably hear a comment about my height once a day. That was probably an exaggeration because I don't talk to strangers quite that oftern, but I would say 3-4 times a week would be quite accurate. It shocks people that I know well that I get that amount of comments, they are used to my height and don't often notice it anymore.

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Before I started filling out a bit more, and I was quite bony and skinny, I was pretty insecure in my height, but since I was 17-18, I've been alot more comfortable being tall. Now I would say I really like it! There are a couple things I don't like though - in a picture where I look like I'm towering over someone, and the fact that I don't feel comfortable wearing heels taller than like an inch. Lots of people say either - "you don't need to wear heels!" or "Wear whatever you want!" But when it comes down to it, if I'm wearing high heels, I feel very very tall. But I wish I did wear them. I need to get a little more confidence!

Anyway, its still something I'm a bit insecure about when I really think about it, but mostly I can laugh about it and am pretty good at taking people's comments with a grain of salt. It can be funny to hear what people say as well! I was pretty surprised that this lady came up to me!!

I have one good comeback that I haven't seriously used yet, but I'm waiting for the right moment. I often get asked if I play basketball or volleyball because I'm tall (I usually say "nope! Wasted height!) but next time, I want to say "Do you play mini golf?"


M said...

Serious laugh out loud!!

Alexandra said...

Aw I like this post! So good you're proud of your height because it's lovely!

Ian Elford said...

So you've finally embraced that 6 foot number, eh? No more pretending to be 5' 11 and a half?

Love that last comeback!

Mich said...

Haha Ian - actually I have said I'm 6 feet for a few years now. I think I actually grew that last half inch while I was at Cape... but I might be deluding myself!

Amber said...

LOL! That is so cute! I always wanted to be tall, but I stayed about 5'4.

elisabeth said...

this is awesome.
i'm pretty tall too, just a few inches shy of you!