NYC: an album

So I just realized I never shared this album I made back in November after my trip to New York City. I had the idea before I went and it was inspired by these two books by Elise Joy. I made the cover before I went and during my trip I took pictures mostly in landscape format because making this book was in my mind. Then just a couple days after I got back while all the pictures were still fresh on my computer I picked out a bunch of my favorites and got them printed. 

Immediately after printing, I went through them looking for themes in colours. Because I went in October, many of my pictures had green, red, and yellow (autumn!) in them. So I stopped at Michael's craft store, picked up a few pretty patterned, and plain pieces of paper in those colours.

Then I went home and I cropped all those pieces of paper into 4x6 pieces, as well as other momentos I had kept from my trip (theatre tickets, museum guides, maps, etc. I put them all into piles and grabbed my pictures and just put them in an order that I liked that incorporated all the different elements. It was super quick and fun! 

Finally I went through and stuck all the pictures back to back, journaled and added tags and labels, and finally punched the holes and put on the rings! It probably took me a few hours to do once I had all my stuff together. I really recommend this type of album. I've had so much fun showing it to everyone I know! haha Its a great way to show a bit of your experience in a simple way! I love it! 

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Alexandra said...

Wha! So cute. This is a great idea!!! I will remember this...