Finally some Fun!

I feel like I haven't been doing much recently, but that's all about to change. First of all, last week my friend and I signed the lease to our new apartment! We move in at the end of February so I have lots to do - and most of it is exciting!
This weekend was great. Started it off with a concert by my favorite local artist - Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (mbf). He played a sold out concert and told us he was recording the show for a possible live album! He had a great band with backup singers, a brass trio, and 2 drummers, plus guitar players. It was fantastic. You should really check him out - he plays music that everyone can appreciate.

Feb 11 MBF 002

Feb 11 MBF 005

Then on Saturday, my mom got free tickets to the world championship speed skating event that was here in Calgary. It was really fun to see some of the same athletes from the Olympics last year, and I had never watched speed skating in person before so it was amazing to see their speeds. And watch them glide around the entire rink just with the momentum they had after the race. Because Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, they still have the facilities to be able to host many world class events which is sweet!!

feb 12 015

Then on Sunday, I went to Market Collective - a local artist market and got a cool necklace there. They also had a valentine making station! I made one for my mom! It was fun.

Feb 14 002_picnik

Then came home and started working on a DIY home decor project for our new place! I will be sharing that later when I can show a proper before/after picture. Went out for pizza that night too! Whew! Now that's my kind of weekend!! What did you do??

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Hannah-Leanne said...

I want to see the necklace! Ps. Your vday card for Kim is beaut.