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So I'm a week into February already but I just wanted to do a recap of my January goals and set my goals for February. I like setting monthly goals - I accomplished most of my ones for January, and I hadn't even gone back to see what they were!

So here are my January goals -

- get my life organized (this goes hand in hand with packing everything I own up and moving.- still need to pack everything, but I have organized a few bits of my room. But this is definitely on my February To Do list.
- reading my next book club book - The Poisonwood Bible - didn't quite finish this in time but basically did. I really liked this book! We had a good discussion and great African themed potluck!
- go skating - only went once cuz there were a few cold snaps but I want to go again when its warm out!
- drink lots of tea/cider/hot chocolate - yup. lots.
- start planning out some of my 2011 trips -  This is happening as we speak!
- get debt free! - DONE. I am debt free as of February 1!! SOO excited about this.
- start saving for The.Big.Trip. - This is a goal for the year, not really January or February, but I have started thinking about it!
- Discover 2 new bands - Not consciously but when I think about it, I was just listening to Guster today - I like the "Do you Love me?" song.

I think I did pretty good! 

And here are my February goals - 

- start taking a weekly self portrait - I like the idea of having a documentation like this guy who took his picture daily for eight years.

- pack up room, find an apartment did that today actually!! and move out in March!
- read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - book club
- start sorting my Europe pics - I went about 5 years ago and have never printed them and I just want to put some in a plain album
- paint kitchen chairs. Pretty excited about this idea I have for our kitchen table. And start brainstorming for other decor ideas for our new place!!
- Clothing DIY project that I have in mind - we'll see if it works or not

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