So this is my 200th blog post! Cupcakes for everyone!

jan 13 006
It's taken me sort of a really long time to get to this point haha, but it's been fun!

I've gone through a few different stages in this blog, but I've think I've decided that I just want this blog to be a record of my life; a few of my thoughts, but mostly the fun things I do here in Calgary and elsewhere while I travel. I would hope you can find some inspiration, as well as ideas, and tips on music, and other fun things, and some things to laugh about. Anyway, this week is going to be crazy busy! I'm moving next Saturday! I've already started packing and everything but I've still got a fair bit to do. I can't wait to show pictures of my new place! :)

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M said...

Love that picture of you! And I really enjoy your blog. Congrats on 200!