Rainy December Days

Well I didn't feel like spending time on the computer on my Christmas holiday so I sorta fell off the Days of December thing - but I really enjoyed doing it! Going to LA sorta through me off my schedule for it and I just didn't feel like catching up haha. No apologies! I would like to wrap up the year in a couple more posts though. Here's a bit more from my trip to Los Angeles. Feels so weird cuz it was short and right before Christmas, but it was only a couple weeks ago.

With my coworkers we spent time in Venice Beach and Hollywood and Santa Monica. We spent way too long on Hollywood Boulevard but it was super rainy so we didn't do much else. We couldn't really see the Chinese Theatre because there had just been the premiere for Gulliver's Travels that morning. And I couldn't see the Hollywood sign - I think because it was so rainy. haha. But it was still warm and fun and pretty enjoyable for me! A Canadian who hadn't really been to Los Angeles before!


LA Dec 2010 119 round

We went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant on Santa Monica. SOooo much shrimp haha. I also went to Le Grand Orange restaurant which I would recommend.

It was sad that it was raining while in California, but I feel like I still got to see quite a bit and enjoyed it a lot.

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kylie said...

Michelle! I am going to Bubba Gumps today, but in Hawaii!