New Computer!

I bought a new laptop! So I haven't had a new laptop since I was 18 so that's been like 5 and a half years!! So as you can imagine, there's lots of things about my computer that are very new and exciting. Like the webcam, memory card reader, and widescreen, that most of you can't even remember living without! haha. It's an HP G-Series with Intel i-5 if that means anything to you! haha. And a pretty good upgrade from my last computer with 50 GB to my new one with 640!! haha AND it was on sale.

Jan 7 103
(This is the box, I thought it was strange that HP now uses the Alice in Wonderland font)

Jan 7 102_picnik

I named it Figaro - after the cat in Pinocchio. I have decided to only name things in my life after cartoon characters (mostly Disney). My first car - Mowgli (Jungle Book), my first pet - Duckie (pretty sure there's an Ugly Duckling cartoon cuz that's what we named her after, but it could also be from The Land Before Time), current car - Kaa (snake from Jungle Book - just cuz it's funny). I don't know why but I always imagine things as cartoon characters more than people. Ok, but as my sister just pointed out, I will probably make an exception for my kids! haha.


Hannah-Leanne said...

This is a really funny post.
I saw a funny Ugly Duckling Cartoon once but I don't think it was Disney. It took place in China and the duck was going to be made into Peking Duck or something but he became beautiful so he wasn't. I don't know what the secret meaning behind that is.
I'm so psyched you got a new computer. It's so pretty. As an current HP user, I'm pretty jealous.

Hannah-Leanne said...
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Hannah-Leanne said...

I accidentally posted my previous comment twice so that's the comment that has been removed by the author. Fyi.