How to enjoy life

Today I have three how-to's for you. These are just for fun and may or may not be totally silly.

1. How to have a fun night with your girlfriends
2. How to make work not feel like work
3. How to accept a compliment

1. How to have a fun night with your girlfriends

Host a cocktail club! My friend got a cool cocktail book and so we've decided to get together about once a month and make fun cocktails! We don't often go out for fancy drinks so its fun to make these at home! Everyone brings one ingredient (limes, ice, juice, pop, etc) or some snacks (dessert, nuts, chips, etc) and you take turns bringing the alcohol. We even keep the leftovers as designated "cocktail club" alcohol to save for next times!

We did this last night and made Arizona Coolers. Here is a similar recipe. It was super fun and we had a great conversation.
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jan 28 010_picnik

2. How to make "work" not feel like Work

1. Wear clothes that you like - you might not be able to wear comfortable clothes or the clothes you would be wearing if you weren't at work - but if you at least invest in some work clothes that you like the looks of - you'll be happier wearing them! And try keeping them only for work so that it's the only place you get to wear them.
2. Listen to music that you like - if you're allowed to listen to music, make a playlist of work appropriate songs that you like, instead of listening to the radio or whatever. I use Grooveshark where you can stream music online for free and create playlists and things.
3. Drink something yummy from a mug - Bring your own fun mug from home, some yummy new kinds of tea, hot chocolate or your own coffee. Maybe some iced tea in the summer! Or just drink water out of a pretty water bottle!
4. Smile - if you look grumpy no one will want to talk to you. It's a fact.

3. How to accept a compliment

1. Smile
2. Say thank you
3. If you feel awkward, return the compliment
4. Please don't tell them how you got it on sale for 99 cents or how it's not even very good or how it was probably made by a sweatshop in China. That just gets awkward for everyone. (this is what I have been tending to do when I get a compliment on my new(ish) purse. Must stop.)

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Hannah-Leanne said...

or how its probably made in a sweatshop in China. Funny. Beaut.