Frigid Air

So I have realized something new about myself - when it is bitterly cold outside, I don't feel like doing much of ANYthing. I've had a little bit of a rough week - I lightly rear ended someone (short story - I slid on ice, cracked their bumper, my car is fine, alot of money required...), some of my plans have been thrown up in the air which never helps me feel settled, and some plans even got cancelled due to the weather.(Debbie Downer)

On the plus side - I can still enjoy the beauty of the outside when I'm curled up INside! This is a view of downtown Calgary when it was about -25 degrees Celsius!

jan 13 004

And I watched a few great movies in the past little while - An Education, The Social Network, and Never Let Me Go. I highly recommend them all. So great. And I just realized that they're all based on characters around my age - dealing with similar issues I am dealing with (similar not the same - I actually haven't changed the future of the internet - I just mean issues that young adults are faced with like belonging, sense of direction, and finding life's purpose.) Anyway, check those out if you can!

I will have a post coming soon of my super fun weekend so there will be some happy times there to make up for this sad seeming post!

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