Christmas Moments

Hopefully you're not totally over Christmas yet! Since I stopped the Days of December, let's just consider this one giant wrap up for that. Here are a few of my favorite parts of Christmas.

This is the tree at my church where we went to the Christmas Eve Service. I love singing the old carols and we got to sing Silent Night while lighting candles. I was super excited about that!!


Stockings on Christmas morning!! Always so exciting :) Mine is the Santa one on the left :)
bread wreath
Christmas Bread Wreath - this is what we always have for Christmas Breakfast.

Getting Christmas dinner ready! You'll see that we use Christmas crackers and you better believe we wear the crowns all meal long!

shauna and me

We have this unique Elford tradition of a Jack Horner Pie before dessert. This year's Pie had moustaches in them! We took about a hundred pictures with these stick on 'stashes!! So funny.


I had a few people in LA say how terrible it must be to be going back to Canada - but I just can't imagine a non-white Christmas!! A couple days after Christmas we had a huge snowstorm and I shovelled the sidewalk and driveway! (PS that's my car out there!)

Christmas is all over now. I had to go back to work today which was sad but it ended on such a good note and I'm just happy that we had such a great break. I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!

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