2011 Goals

So I've been making a few goals for the new year and trying to plan what it is going to look like, and I'm getting quite excited! I\m going to be in a wedding party for one of my best friends in July, probably going to a couple other weddings as well, talking about going to a music festival where you have to camp! as well as Sled Island obviously (if it's happening!) Hopefully a few little trips here and there! Also - moving out with a friend in March! We're looking at apartments this week already and getting excited about that.

I also like the idea of making a few goals each month/season - not sure yet how big/small I want these goals to be.

So some of my goals for January/Winter are the following

- get my life organized (this goes hand in hand with packing everything I own up and moving.
- reading my next book club book - The Poisonwood Bible - I really need to get going on this one!!
- go skating
- drink lots of tea/cider/hot chocolate
- start planning out some of my 2011 trips
- get debt free! Its gonna happen... really soon!
- start saving for The.Big.Trip. (not sure when/where this will be yet, but it's coming. :)
- Discover 2 new bands

And I've already started on some of these!

For getting my life organized, I filled a garbage bag of clothes that were hanging in my closet/dresser that I would continuously bypass because they were "too.. something" well I decided that if they are too... something, then I should never wear them, and am getting rid of a ton of stuff. Alot of it I have thrifted or got at the swap, when I wasn't able to try stuff on, so I don't feel like I'm wasting my money by getting rid of a bunch of clothing.

Also, I decided to attack my coin bucket. I have been putting coins (a quarter or less in value only) into this little bucket thing for the last several years. I was amazed that I actually have $36!! All in quarters or less! That`s the best - organize your life and get paid for doing it! haha.

Jan 7 100

Jan 7 101

I think I`ll probably start this again but in a nice big mason jar, rather than a dusty molded record that was just getting annoying.


Amy T Schubert said...

the Poisonwood Bible is an excellent book and a pretty quick read ... I hope you like it (Barbara Kingsolver's other books are also very good)

Hannah-Leanne said...

Dusty molded old record that I gave you!!! I am beyond offended . . .

Mich said...

haha no!! hannah! - this is not the one you gave me. yours is smaller and cuter. hahaha - yikes!