On Being Tall

On Saturday, I was at the grocery store and this little 8 year old girl and her mom came over to me and the mom said to me, "My daughter told me that she would like to be as tall as you someday, and she wants to know what you eat to get so tall?"

I sorta laughed but mostly my entire day was made and I walked around with a huge smile on my face after! I quickly looked into my cart - Fortunately it was full of fruits and vegetables!! So I was able to say, eat very healthy - lots of fruits and veggies; and a glass of milk every day." I think the mom wanted to give me a hug.

Then, we were both getting mushrooms, and the mom leaned over to her daughter and said, "Look, we're getting the same food as her! Maybe someday, we'll be as tall as her!"

For the record, I am 6 feet tall; which is quite taller than the average for Canadian woman which is 5'3.4" according to this interesting list. And I was telling someone today that I probably hear a comment about my height once a day. That was probably an exaggeration because I don't talk to strangers quite that oftern, but I would say 3-4 times a week would be quite accurate. It shocks people that I know well that I get that amount of comments, they are used to my height and don't often notice it anymore.

mar 26 045

Before I started filling out a bit more, and I was quite bony and skinny, I was pretty insecure in my height, but since I was 17-18, I've been alot more comfortable being tall. Now I would say I really like it! There are a couple things I don't like though - in a picture where I look like I'm towering over someone, and the fact that I don't feel comfortable wearing heels taller than like an inch. Lots of people say either - "you don't need to wear heels!" or "Wear whatever you want!" But when it comes down to it, if I'm wearing high heels, I feel very very tall. But I wish I did wear them. I need to get a little more confidence!

Anyway, its still something I'm a bit insecure about when I really think about it, but mostly I can laugh about it and am pretty good at taking people's comments with a grain of salt. It can be funny to hear what people say as well! I was pretty surprised that this lady came up to me!!

I have one good comeback that I haven't seriously used yet, but I'm waiting for the right moment. I often get asked if I play basketball or volleyball because I'm tall (I usually say "nope! Wasted height!) but next time, I want to say "Do you play mini golf?"


Project Restyle

mar 26 003

So this goes to show what I've been up to for the last month or so - moving out into a townhouse!

I had a lot of fun decorating and setting up our new place, but I'm excited to be done finally and start having friends over more and being able to explore our neighbourhood!

One of my favorite projects in our new place is the dining room table chairs. We thrifted these four different chairs and we decided to spray paint them all one bold colour. It looks so good in our house now!!

mar 26 004

First we had to sand the chairs, and then we started spraying!!
mar 26 005

mar 26 006

I loved the colour but I was a bit worried it would look out of place in our townhouse. But no, it looks so awesome!!

New House! 008

mar 26 012

Spray painting is fun!!

This post is inspired by Elsie's Project Restyle. They are transforming unwanted things into fresh, beautiful pieces.

Project Restyle



So this is my 200th blog post! Cupcakes for everyone!

jan 13 006
It's taken me sort of a really long time to get to this point haha, but it's been fun!

I've gone through a few different stages in this blog, but I've think I've decided that I just want this blog to be a record of my life; a few of my thoughts, but mostly the fun things I do here in Calgary and elsewhere while I travel. I would hope you can find some inspiration, as well as ideas, and tips on music, and other fun things, and some things to laugh about. Anyway, this week is going to be crazy busy! I'm moving next Saturday! I've already started packing and everything but I've still got a fair bit to do. I can't wait to show pictures of my new place! :)


NYC: an album

So I just realized I never shared this album I made back in November after my trip to New York City. I had the idea before I went and it was inspired by these two books by Elise Joy. I made the cover before I went and during my trip I took pictures mostly in landscape format because making this book was in my mind. Then just a couple days after I got back while all the pictures were still fresh on my computer I picked out a bunch of my favorites and got them printed. 

Immediately after printing, I went through them looking for themes in colours. Because I went in October, many of my pictures had green, red, and yellow (autumn!) in them. So I stopped at Michael's craft store, picked up a few pretty patterned, and plain pieces of paper in those colours.

Then I went home and I cropped all those pieces of paper into 4x6 pieces, as well as other momentos I had kept from my trip (theatre tickets, museum guides, maps, etc. I put them all into piles and grabbed my pictures and just put them in an order that I liked that incorporated all the different elements. It was super quick and fun! 

Finally I went through and stuck all the pictures back to back, journaled and added tags and labels, and finally punched the holes and put on the rings! It probably took me a few hours to do once I had all my stuff together. I really recommend this type of album. I've had so much fun showing it to everyone I know! haha Its a great way to show a bit of your experience in a simple way! I love it! 


Finally some Fun!

I feel like I haven't been doing much recently, but that's all about to change. First of all, last week my friend and I signed the lease to our new apartment! We move in at the end of February so I have lots to do - and most of it is exciting!
This weekend was great. Started it off with a concert by my favorite local artist - Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (mbf). He played a sold out concert and told us he was recording the show for a possible live album! He had a great band with backup singers, a brass trio, and 2 drummers, plus guitar players. It was fantastic. You should really check him out - he plays music that everyone can appreciate.

Feb 11 MBF 002

Feb 11 MBF 005

Then on Saturday, my mom got free tickets to the world championship speed skating event that was here in Calgary. It was really fun to see some of the same athletes from the Olympics last year, and I had never watched speed skating in person before so it was amazing to see their speeds. And watch them glide around the entire rink just with the momentum they had after the race. Because Calgary hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988, they still have the facilities to be able to host many world class events which is sweet!!

feb 12 015

Then on Sunday, I went to Market Collective - a local artist market and got a cool necklace there. They also had a valentine making station! I made one for my mom! It was fun.

Feb 14 002_picnik

Then came home and started working on a DIY home decor project for our new place! I will be sharing that later when I can show a proper before/after picture. Went out for pizza that night too! Whew! Now that's my kind of weekend!! What did you do??


Being Organized and Adult

So I'm a week into February already but I just wanted to do a recap of my January goals and set my goals for February. I like setting monthly goals - I accomplished most of my ones for January, and I hadn't even gone back to see what they were!

So here are my January goals -

- get my life organized (this goes hand in hand with packing everything I own up and moving.- still need to pack everything, but I have organized a few bits of my room. But this is definitely on my February To Do list.
- reading my next book club book - The Poisonwood Bible - didn't quite finish this in time but basically did. I really liked this book! We had a good discussion and great African themed potluck!
- go skating - only went once cuz there were a few cold snaps but I want to go again when its warm out!
- drink lots of tea/cider/hot chocolate - yup. lots.
- start planning out some of my 2011 trips -  This is happening as we speak!
- get debt free! - DONE. I am debt free as of February 1!! SOO excited about this.
- start saving for The.Big.Trip. - This is a goal for the year, not really January or February, but I have started thinking about it!
- Discover 2 new bands - Not consciously but when I think about it, I was just listening to Guster today - I like the "Do you Love me?" song.

I think I did pretty good! 

And here are my February goals - 

- start taking a weekly self portrait - I like the idea of having a documentation like this guy who took his picture daily for eight years.

- pack up room, find an apartment did that today actually!! and move out in March!
- read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - book club
- start sorting my Europe pics - I went about 5 years ago and have never printed them and I just want to put some in a plain album
- paint kitchen chairs. Pretty excited about this idea I have for our kitchen table. And start brainstorming for other decor ideas for our new place!!
- Clothing DIY project that I have in mind - we'll see if it works or not


How to enjoy life

Today I have three how-to's for you. These are just for fun and may or may not be totally silly.

1. How to have a fun night with your girlfriends
2. How to make work not feel like work
3. How to accept a compliment

1. How to have a fun night with your girlfriends

Host a cocktail club! My friend got a cool cocktail book and so we've decided to get together about once a month and make fun cocktails! We don't often go out for fancy drinks so its fun to make these at home! Everyone brings one ingredient (limes, ice, juice, pop, etc) or some snacks (dessert, nuts, chips, etc) and you take turns bringing the alcohol. We even keep the leftovers as designated "cocktail club" alcohol to save for next times!

We did this last night and made Arizona Coolers. Here is a similar recipe. It was super fun and we had a great conversation.
jan 28 005

jan 28 010_picnik

2. How to make "work" not feel like Work

1. Wear clothes that you like - you might not be able to wear comfortable clothes or the clothes you would be wearing if you weren't at work - but if you at least invest in some work clothes that you like the looks of - you'll be happier wearing them! And try keeping them only for work so that it's the only place you get to wear them.
2. Listen to music that you like - if you're allowed to listen to music, make a playlist of work appropriate songs that you like, instead of listening to the radio or whatever. I use Grooveshark where you can stream music online for free and create playlists and things.
3. Drink something yummy from a mug - Bring your own fun mug from home, some yummy new kinds of tea, hot chocolate or your own coffee. Maybe some iced tea in the summer! Or just drink water out of a pretty water bottle!
4. Smile - if you look grumpy no one will want to talk to you. It's a fact.

3. How to accept a compliment

1. Smile
2. Say thank you
3. If you feel awkward, return the compliment
4. Please don't tell them how you got it on sale for 99 cents or how it's not even very good or how it was probably made by a sweatshop in China. That just gets awkward for everyone. (this is what I have been tending to do when I get a compliment on my new(ish) purse. Must stop.)


Weekend at a restaurant

jan 16 003

Last weekend, my bestie Hannah had a layover in Calgary on her way home so I picked her up showed her a couple views of the Calgary skyline, and took her to Kane's Diner. I've been meaning to come back here for years, and just never had. The first and only other time I've been was back in Grade 12 - we had super long spares and came here once and I loved it! So I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint after all those years. And it didn't! It was everything you would hope for in a diner. And the burgers were excellent. I was super excited to see Hannah and also to eat my onion rings - my face is so happy in this picture!

jan 16 004

jan 16 002

Then on Sunday, I went in to Canmore and Banff with my family and we went to the French Quarter Cafe. I've been here before and I seem to remember liking my food, but I sadly did not enjoy this meal! It was my fault though - I thought I was order catfish and it was actually crawfish. Big difference apparently! This was the Crawfish Etoufee and it was just sooo fishy. But everyone's meals were fantastic!! So I need to go back and get something else.

jan 16 005

jan 16 014
Then we went for a walk in the snow. We had such beautiful weather that day in Banff, but there was still tons of snow. Perfect day to walk in a winter wonderland. We had a bit of snowfight at the end of the walk too!

jan 16 018
Then we went to one of my fave spots - the Banff Springs Hotel. I've blogged about it before.
jan 16 029

I got a bit of water on my camera - don't mind the blur. Then we went to one of my fave spots - the Banff Springs Hotel. I've blogged about it before here.


Frigid Air

So I have realized something new about myself - when it is bitterly cold outside, I don't feel like doing much of ANYthing. I've had a little bit of a rough week - I lightly rear ended someone (short story - I slid on ice, cracked their bumper, my car is fine, alot of money required...), some of my plans have been thrown up in the air which never helps me feel settled, and some plans even got cancelled due to the weather.(Debbie Downer)

On the plus side - I can still enjoy the beauty of the outside when I'm curled up INside! This is a view of downtown Calgary when it was about -25 degrees Celsius!

jan 13 004

And I watched a few great movies in the past little while - An Education, The Social Network, and Never Let Me Go. I highly recommend them all. So great. And I just realized that they're all based on characters around my age - dealing with similar issues I am dealing with (similar not the same - I actually haven't changed the future of the internet - I just mean issues that young adults are faced with like belonging, sense of direction, and finding life's purpose.) Anyway, check those out if you can!

I will have a post coming soon of my super fun weekend so there will be some happy times there to make up for this sad seeming post!


2011 Goals

So I've been making a few goals for the new year and trying to plan what it is going to look like, and I'm getting quite excited! I\m going to be in a wedding party for one of my best friends in July, probably going to a couple other weddings as well, talking about going to a music festival where you have to camp! as well as Sled Island obviously (if it's happening!) Hopefully a few little trips here and there! Also - moving out with a friend in March! We're looking at apartments this week already and getting excited about that.

I also like the idea of making a few goals each month/season - not sure yet how big/small I want these goals to be.

So some of my goals for January/Winter are the following

- get my life organized (this goes hand in hand with packing everything I own up and moving.
- reading my next book club book - The Poisonwood Bible - I really need to get going on this one!!
- go skating
- drink lots of tea/cider/hot chocolate
- start planning out some of my 2011 trips
- get debt free! Its gonna happen... really soon!
- start saving for The.Big.Trip. (not sure when/where this will be yet, but it's coming. :)
- Discover 2 new bands

And I've already started on some of these!

For getting my life organized, I filled a garbage bag of clothes that were hanging in my closet/dresser that I would continuously bypass because they were "too.. something" well I decided that if they are too... something, then I should never wear them, and am getting rid of a ton of stuff. Alot of it I have thrifted or got at the swap, when I wasn't able to try stuff on, so I don't feel like I'm wasting my money by getting rid of a bunch of clothing.

Also, I decided to attack my coin bucket. I have been putting coins (a quarter or less in value only) into this little bucket thing for the last several years. I was amazed that I actually have $36!! All in quarters or less! That`s the best - organize your life and get paid for doing it! haha.

Jan 7 100

Jan 7 101

I think I`ll probably start this again but in a nice big mason jar, rather than a dusty molded record that was just getting annoying.


New Computer!

I bought a new laptop! So I haven't had a new laptop since I was 18 so that's been like 5 and a half years!! So as you can imagine, there's lots of things about my computer that are very new and exciting. Like the webcam, memory card reader, and widescreen, that most of you can't even remember living without! haha. It's an HP G-Series with Intel i-5 if that means anything to you! haha. And a pretty good upgrade from my last computer with 50 GB to my new one with 640!! haha AND it was on sale.

Jan 7 103
(This is the box, I thought it was strange that HP now uses the Alice in Wonderland font)

Jan 7 102_picnik

I named it Figaro - after the cat in Pinocchio. I have decided to only name things in my life after cartoon characters (mostly Disney). My first car - Mowgli (Jungle Book), my first pet - Duckie (pretty sure there's an Ugly Duckling cartoon cuz that's what we named her after, but it could also be from The Land Before Time), current car - Kaa (snake from Jungle Book - just cuz it's funny). I don't know why but I always imagine things as cartoon characters more than people. Ok, but as my sister just pointed out, I will probably make an exception for my kids! haha.


East vs West

In 2010, I was so fortunate to be able to go to not one but TWO coasts in ONE year. Actually, I don't think I've ever done that before... ok, that's probably a lie. But to have them BOTH be trips I took on my own - well that's definitely a first.

So, this post has been a long time coming actually. Back in September, I saw this post  with a bunch of pictures of both the east and west coast. Because at that point I knew I was going to be going to both coasts I saved this and planned on doing my version. This is that version!!

These pictures are diptychs of LA vs New York. I didn't have anything in mind when taking these pictures (like which ones I would pair them with) I just put them together after both trips. So there's no overthinking here but I hope you enjoy!

(In all except the obvious one - LA (west) is on the top or left and NYC (east) is on the bottom or right.)

It is one of my favorite things in the world to experience different cultures. And try to learn as much about them as I can and what makes them unique. Of course, I bring my own worldview into it and everything is pretty much compared to my childhood experience as a starting point. I've been having a few conversations recently about different cities and their cultures. One that has come up often is Montreal so I'm thinking I need to go see for myself sometime! 

Do you think you are able to pinpoint the culture of a city? How about your own city?


Christmas Moments

Hopefully you're not totally over Christmas yet! Since I stopped the Days of December, let's just consider this one giant wrap up for that. Here are a few of my favorite parts of Christmas.

This is the tree at my church where we went to the Christmas Eve Service. I love singing the old carols and we got to sing Silent Night while lighting candles. I was super excited about that!!


Stockings on Christmas morning!! Always so exciting :) Mine is the Santa one on the left :)
bread wreath
Christmas Bread Wreath - this is what we always have for Christmas Breakfast.

Getting Christmas dinner ready! You'll see that we use Christmas crackers and you better believe we wear the crowns all meal long!

shauna and me

We have this unique Elford tradition of a Jack Horner Pie before dessert. This year's Pie had moustaches in them! We took about a hundred pictures with these stick on 'stashes!! So funny.


I had a few people in LA say how terrible it must be to be going back to Canada - but I just can't imagine a non-white Christmas!! A couple days after Christmas we had a huge snowstorm and I shovelled the sidewalk and driveway! (PS that's my car out there!)

Christmas is all over now. I had to go back to work today which was sad but it ended on such a good note and I'm just happy that we had such a great break. I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!


Rainy December Days

Well I didn't feel like spending time on the computer on my Christmas holiday so I sorta fell off the Days of December thing - but I really enjoyed doing it! Going to LA sorta through me off my schedule for it and I just didn't feel like catching up haha. No apologies! I would like to wrap up the year in a couple more posts though. Here's a bit more from my trip to Los Angeles. Feels so weird cuz it was short and right before Christmas, but it was only a couple weeks ago.

With my coworkers we spent time in Venice Beach and Hollywood and Santa Monica. We spent way too long on Hollywood Boulevard but it was super rainy so we didn't do much else. We couldn't really see the Chinese Theatre because there had just been the premiere for Gulliver's Travels that morning. And I couldn't see the Hollywood sign - I think because it was so rainy. haha. But it was still warm and fun and pretty enjoyable for me! A Canadian who hadn't really been to Los Angeles before!


LA Dec 2010 119 round

We went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Restaurant on Santa Monica. SOooo much shrimp haha. I also went to Le Grand Orange restaurant which I would recommend.

It was sad that it was raining while in California, but I feel like I still got to see quite a bit and enjoyed it a lot.