Gee, they still make wooden christmas trees?

This December favorite of mine is a long-standing tradition. Every year, we get a real Christmas tree. This is one of my favorite things. And every year, my dad cuts off the bottom and we all smell the wonderful cedar smell. I was actually telling someone about this tradition recently and they said that they were allergic to it! I couldn't help but saying how sad of an existence that would be! Anyway, the year I was 18 I was not home for Christmas - I was in England at Bible School for six months and over our three week Christmas break I spent time at three different friends' houses in different parts of England. It was sad and strange to not be home for Christmas but it totally enhanced my England experience and the families I stayed with welcomed me in and helped me experience a different and wonderful side of Christmas that I'd never seen before. 

dec 2 007

The point of the story is this. When I got home in late April, one of the very first things my dad did when I got home was go into the garage and dig out the Christmas tree bottom. Maybe I was gone for Christmas and couldn't take part in our (many) family traditions, but this was one I was not about to miss. It was really cute and I'll always remember it every year when I smell that delicious tree! (Oh, and yes, it still smelled great after almost 5 months!)

Do you guys have real or fake Christmas trees this year? Also, anyone know where this blog title comes from??

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