Day 9/10 - It's Christmas time in the City

day 9

On December 9, I helped set up for a Christmas Banquet that was held on December 10. So I'm combining these two days in this post! I volunteer as a leader in the youth group at my church, and this year for the Christmas Banquet we were doing a Christmas in New York theme. Obviously, I was super excited about that! Thursday night I helped set up and I got to do some of the painting for the signs that were hung around the room. The decorators and planners went all out for this banquet - it was so much fun! We had this "paparazzi wall" so when everyone came in they could get pics taken of them.

I helped by painting these signs - using the projector! It was super fun and made me want to do more! I'm trying to brainstorm ideas of what kind of large-scale things I could paint using the projector.The Central Perk one was quite tricky even with the projector though!

central perk

And here's one shot from event night. That's me on the left and some other lovely ladies that volunteer with me.
(Event night pictures are stolen from friends :)

This "Empire State Building" was so cool - all lit up in the middle of the room! What a fun night!

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