Day 6: DIY Snowflakes

day 6

Well, maybe because of too much fun this weekend, or maybe I just caught a bug, but I've got a cold. I actually stayed home from work today - but I think the sleeping til noon is helping! So I'm not able to go to the Christmas concert I was supposed to go to tonight - even though I really wanted to see my mom play! She's pretty cool - she plays flute in a community band. Sorry Mom - I hope you had fun though!

Here are some pictures from when I made paper snowflakes with my sister and her boyfriend. It was fun. I realized I'm not that great at making paper snowflakes though. I think its because I just can't see what it's going to look like until after. I feel like its cheating if I open it up before I'm done! Oh well, its a fun thing to do. We also watched the For Better or For Worse Christmas show - "The Christmas Angel." Anyone remember this? It's on YouTube here for a trip down memory lane. hee hee! So good!

dec 5 005

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