Day 5 - Trim the Tree

day 5

Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree!! We have such a nice (real!) Christmas tree this year. It is so fragrant too - I'm loving it! Every year, as a kid I would always get ornaments - one from my parents, one from a good family friend, and sometimes other random ones. So we always have decorated our tree with a huge combination of all of our own ornaments plus my mom's collection of angel ornaments and some others. Well, for the last 5 years, I haven't been home to decorate the Christmas tree. So this year for the first time, I was able to put up my ornaments. I didn't put them all up - just a few of the ones I really like. The picture of the tree is after I put up my ornaments (and a few of my sister's). So there are a lot more on there now!

Dec 4 017

Dec 4 016

Dec 4 015

Once the house is all decorated, it really feel like Christmas-time to me! I had such a great weekend - two Christmas parties, went skating (twice actually!) made new friends and hung out with old friends, and to top it all off? My best friend got engaged!! Super excited about that right now.

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Alexandra said...

Yay! Your blog is so cute...I like it : )