Day 4: Skating in a Winter Wonderland

So on the fourth day of December, I went skating!

day 4

My friends and I went to Olympic Plaza, downtown Calgary and skated on the rink they have there! It was so fun! Olympic Plaza at night is awesome! The trees are all lit up, they even had music playing! I ended up being there for over an hour just skating around. Trying to learn how to stop. Not very good at it obviously.
downtown lights

That's the pretty City Hall.

the bow

The Bow at night - and look at that freshly Zambonied  (sp?) ice! So smooth.


Skating always feels so "Canadian" to me. Obviously other countries do it too, but it's so good to make the most of the cold weather and get out there and enjoy it. So many people have never seen snow and have definitely skated and its just something we grow up doing! I love it.

edited me

And after skating I went to a fun night of hanging out with some friends - old and new - playing games, being competitive, trying candy cane Hershey Kisses (soo yummy!) and playing Just Dance on Wii! Super fun day!

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lauravirginia said...

Hey Michelle! I'm glad that you commented on my blog so that I could find yours! So jealous of your ice skating adventure!