Day 17: Exploring LA!

day 17

Day 17 was an exciting day! First I checked into this amazing hotel - Loews Santa Monica Beach hotel. Definitely the nicest place I have ever stayed! Maybe ever? haha. I checked in and immediately put on my robe!! Guys - there was a TV in the bathroom, AND look at the big screen TV!! It says. my. name. Totally geeked out and took a picture haha!


In the afternoon I went to downtown LA and saw a few cool spots. There isn't too much there but there were a few things I saw that I had wanted to see. First - the Walt Disney Concert Hall! Which, is by the same architect as the Alberta Art Gallery which I saw this summer. I think I had read that already so maybe it was in the back of my head - but when I saw this building - I could totally tell. His name is Frank Gehry. He's pretty cool :) I would love to see the Guggenheim in Spain some day.

concert hall

And then, you may know that I love the movie 500 Days of Summer. Well, one of the things I love about that movie is the setting. It's set in downtown LA and I've been wanting to see some of those spots since watching the movie. While I didn't get to go to too many of the places I did get to see Tom's favorite spot. Here's a picture from the movie - and here's my picture! Oops I didn't get the exact angle, but it was raining very hard and I was too excited! haha. It's hard to see but if you click on this picture you might be able to see it better. On the back of the bench they put a plaque honoring this spot because it's in the movie! I loved seeing the architecture of downtown LA and fortunately I stayed safe... :)


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