Day 15 - Sending Suprises!

day 15

Just working on editing my pictures from LA but I have one more day activity from before I left! Something I love about December is... sending pretty packages in the mail! This is from a special package I sent last week and since she doesn't know what it is, I'm not sharing but it's pretty cool. :) Because Canada Post sends so many packages all the time, especially around Christmas I usually try to make my packages look fun for the mailmen. This one isn't that pretty unfortunately because I had to quickly get it ready at work. But I wrote a little message for them! Also, Canada Post has cool mailboxes!

LA Dec 2010 002

LA Dec 2010 001

ETA: Ok, Hannah figured it out - the present is for her haha. so smart... Well she's pretty cool and she writes a sweet blog so you should go check it out - here! She reeaalllly likes followers ;) hahaha

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Hannah-Leanne said...

Is this my package!? I am so happy this post is about my package. Which has still not arrived but I will let you know!!!
PS. How many followers do you have?