Day 11 and 12 - It's a Wonderful Movie Life

day 11
So for December 11 and 12, I watched movies! The new Narnia movie was pretty great. Made me want to try reading the books again.


day 12

And then I watched It's a Wonderful Life! Cineplex has been doing a classic movie series (once a month) that I only just found about. This was such a great thing to do with some of my friends! I was soo excited for this. And when I got there I realized I had never actually seen the whole movie! Needless to say, I bawled! So inspiring. Need to make this a tradition as well as go to a bunch of the other cineplex classic movie series.

a its a wonderful life WONDERFUL_LIFE-10

I also went out for a coffee with a very good friend who I don't get to see very often and went to a potluck Christmas party! It was another full, great weekend.

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