Ugg...ly. A warm but cute winter boot guide

It struck me this weekend while doing some "back to winter" shopping, that despite every "What's Hot, What's Not" or "what not to wear" list, Ugg's are still popular. I saw them at every store that sells shoes and some were quite expensive! They're not nice looking and they're not unique! So I decided to help the masses stay warm and look cute by providing options that are alternatives to Uggs. This is also for my sister to prove that there are indeed cute warm boots out there.

1. Cougar boots (Tamarack)- $160 approx
2. Minnetonkas - $50-80 - (lots of styles)
3. Aldo - Litsey - $90.
4.  Steve Madden - $90 - I think these are my favorites of the list!
5. TOMS Botas - $90 - I want these really badly
6. Tretorn fur-lined rubber boot - $60 - fyi - the short rubber boot trend looks awesome

As for the guys - well, I'm really not sure what you're supposed to wear!


Hannah-Leanne said...

Comments on 4,5 and 6.
I so want #4.
I asked for #5 for Christmas a few weeks ago (and probably just might get)
My roomie totally has #6 in yellow and they're going to be her winter boots. They're even lined.
Win, win, win.
PS. When did Steve Madden become so average priced?

Mich said...

I know right?? Yah #6 totally would be perfect for Eastern weather (ie i think it rains all the time or at least you must get splashed by the shore alot - you know while you're walking down the street. ! haha. i just realized this opinion stems from air farce where the "newfies" are always wearing yellow rainjackets. Sorry if I've offended anyone!)

cb said...

i love the minnetonkas! super cute! i have to agree about the uggs, they are not that cute BUT i do own a pair and i wear them for warmth only. they are a big thing for surfers because after being in the cold ass water it is the perfect thing to put on your feet. i don't understand how they got to be sooo trendy! thanks for providing cute and more stylish options :)


Mich said...

cb - I always thought it was funny that Ugg's are from Australia. Now I know why!