just what I dreamed

 So, I'm back. From New York. And it was fabulous. I have so many pictures, I've been trying to sort through them while battling a cold I got as soon as I got home. But let. me. tell. you.

I had SUCH a great time!!

I'm sure I'll have several posts about New York, but I'd like to start off with a list of things I love about New York.
  • Brownstone houses are beautiful
  • Excellent food everywhere
  • Doormen everywhere
  • Busy subway system (maybe not the best but so many people use it!)
  • People are way nicer than their reputation!
  • Central Park. obviously.
  • Dogs and babies!! On a Sunday afternoon everyone is out walking with either a dog or a baby
  • Such good museums. yay!!
  • History - around every corner is a claim to fame where someone wrote, spoke, sang, cooked
  • Stores are open 24 hours!! all over the place. seriously this city never sleeps
  • Converse - everyone wears them.
  • The three times I got mistaken for a local. NBD.
  • You're never more than a block away from people and shops (it seems)
  • Everything is represented in New York somehow - all types of people
I got a bunch of pictures printed and I'm going to make a mini book inspired this and this book by Elise.
I'll post all the pictures on Facebook cuz you have to. And I'll do a few more posts here and try to tell some stories.


Hannah-Leanne said...

My favorite is that you obviously loved being mistaken for a local. That is so best.

Ian Elford said...

This sounds fantastic! I'm glad you had such a good time. I look forward to hearing more stories and seeing more pictures!

kayLa* said...

Converse.... really Michelle? You would notice that!