Its Keen-wha, I promise

A couple weeks ago I went to a new local restaurant called the Boxwood Cafe. It is the sister restaurant to one of the best restaurants in town - the River Cafe - which I have never been to because it is very expensive! But this new cafe is much more affordable. We went for lunch and tried a number of different dishes.

I think this was the best idea, because other than the sandwiches, none of the dishes seemed like an actual entree. So we sorta made it like tapas where everyone has a bit of each dish. It was soo yummy! Each dish had tons of fancy ingredients (I should be a food critic, I know). We had beet quinoa salad (I am newly in love with quinoa - it is so good), a lentil soup, salad with the most delicious glazed pecans, this amazing bread that had potato chunks in it!! and a porchetta sandwich. It was wonderful. I think they keep changing the menu too, which would entice me to return. You should check it out!

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Hannah-Leanne said...

I want all of these things! Let's go here when I come visit . . . which may be several months into the future.