Goal update

Back in August, I made 4 simple goals - inspired by Elsie. I've completed about half but I already have some more ideas of things I want to do!

My autumn goals were -

1. Make a mixed paper journal - completed! I made this journal for my New York trip and it was soo helpful. I had a section for everything that I wanted to see/do/eat. I had way more than I could do but the good thing is I will be able to use this book again for when (not if) I go back! It was so great to have with me at all times, to be able to write down a rough schedule each day and have my travel journal here too. A practical and cute keepsake.
nov 27 004

2. Have a photo shoot that's cute and fun (still need to do this one!)
3. Go to the dentist, doctor, and eye doctor finished! - got new contacts, and some shiny new fillings (ugh)
4. Make a playlist for both autumn and winter (will be sharing in December)

My new goals to do before the end of 2010 are
1. Make and send out Christmas cards!
2. Finish my secret knitting project 
3. Go thrifting (its been so long!)
4. Have lots of peppermint mochas (I haven't had one yet but I think I'm gonna change that today?)
5. December blog project - I'm gonna blog about this in the next couple days but I've got a great idea to fully appreciate the month of December this year. I can't even believe its the end of October -  November, seriously??

Can you believe it's almost the end of the decade?? I'm super excited to see all the "Best of the decade" lists! Send me the links if you see any! Specifically books and movies. Pictures would be sweet too...

PS - guess what I'm FINALLY doing tonight?? soooo excited


Hannah-Leanne said...

Your secret knitting project is my Christmas present isn't it??? I just know it. That is soooo nice.
P.S. What would you like to receive for Christmas? Just kidding. I know what I'll get you.

Ian Elford said...

In my experience, most people considered last year to be the end of the decade. There were tons of lists put out. Here's a few examples, from the AV Club:





And a few other film lists:


(Scroll down 2/3 of the page, and there are links to about 50 best of the decade film lists)


Amy T Schubert said...

Next time you're in L.A. we can do a fun photo shoot :)