It's That Autumnal Feeling

Ok, so is "autumnal" a word? I seem to use it alot in describing something that seems quintessentially "autumn." "Autumn-esque" could also be used. Regardless, last weeked was the ultimate "autumnal" weekend!

I started it off with a super fun football game (our home team won!) It was beautiful weather and the tickets were free! Really, could you ask for a better way to spend an October evening?

And on Saturday, I donned a vintage dress and romped in the leaves for a bit with a Pumpkin Spice latte! It was actually so warm this day, I felt a little silly ordering a hot drink but I definitely still enjoyed it!

So excited for this coming weekend. My good friend Laura is coming to visit! Not exaclty sure what we're doing yet but guaranteed it will involve food, Cokes, Julia Roberts, music, laughter, pictures, food, and nachos. And maybe some more food :) The best. OH and then on Monday we're celebrating Thanksgiving!! Woo hoo! What is your idea of an "autumnal" weekend?


Hannah-Leanne said...

My father uses the word autumnal probably more than anyone else who speaks fluent English. I can verify that yes, it is indeed a word.

mj said...

hmm mich. let's look for a definition here....

belonging to or suggestive of autumn; produced or gathered in autumn: autumnal colors.
past maturity or middle life.

I guess I'll allow it.

Mich said...

haha! I'm totally gonna start using it as a nice way of saying someone's old!

Thanks guys!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I totally think Autumnal is a word!

P.S. I'm giving away a sweet little headband. Feel free to stop by and enter!

emma said...

vintage dress, pumpkin spice latte, julia roberts reference...we should be best friends. :)