It's That Autumnal Feeling

Ok, so is "autumnal" a word? I seem to use it alot in describing something that seems quintessentially "autumn." "Autumn-esque" could also be used. Regardless, last weeked was the ultimate "autumnal" weekend!

I started it off with a super fun football game (our home team won!) It was beautiful weather and the tickets were free! Really, could you ask for a better way to spend an October evening?

And on Saturday, I donned a vintage dress and romped in the leaves for a bit with a Pumpkin Spice latte! It was actually so warm this day, I felt a little silly ordering a hot drink but I definitely still enjoyed it!

So excited for this coming weekend. My good friend Laura is coming to visit! Not exaclty sure what we're doing yet but guaranteed it will involve food, Cokes, Julia Roberts, music, laughter, pictures, food, and nachos. And maybe some more food :) The best. OH and then on Monday we're celebrating Thanksgiving!! Woo hoo! What is your idea of an "autumnal" weekend?


Come and Find your Kind

 Me and my favorite concert buddy, Erica, went to see Arcade Fire!!

I went last Sunday. It was fabulous. Their music is so fantastic and the art of the backgrounds and lights was so inspiring. It was such a fun night. AND I was able to buy their new album - The Suburbs on vinyl! If you haven't listened to this album yet - DO IT!!! I Love it. I have two of their songs on my Autumn 2010 Playlist.

Fort Christmas - free download

I have something special for you, readers! A free download!! Check out this song from this awesomely talented internet buddy of mine - Jeremy Larson. Go to his blog and download this new song - The Leave Behind - for free here! Sweet!!
He's going to be releasing the full EP on October 19 and its going to be fantastic. Seriously, listen to this song and tell me you don't like it. Betcha you can't.


It's no good unless it's real

On Sunday, I finally got around to getting bubble tea. I thought I had had it once before but it was nothing like this! I got a Strawberry Green tea with Pearls. I thought it was good at first. I liked the natural flavouring of the tea and it was really refreshing. The bubbles on the other hand - haha. Not so sure about them. And I want to try it again at a different place because I'm not sure they were supposed to be like this. They had no flavour and were really large! After a while, my friend Mel and I got sick of them and started to spit them out. But it was a fun adventure! And I haven't completely given up on bubble tea yet.

We went for a walk along the river with our tea and it was so beautiful. I love Autumn!! This has been the best autumn I've had in quite a number of years as well. Well, I guess I should clarify and say that this is the first autumn I've been in Calgary for in like six years - so maybe I've just forgotten what it's like here.

This is what the bubble looked like - anyone know if there are different kinds of bubbles? Maybe something that is better than this? And then imagine like 6 layers of that - there were SO many!!
haha - it was fun. Thanks Mel!

This weekend I'm planning on relaxing!! I've been out every night this week doing something or other, so I'm ready to curl up with a book or a movie and do some New York planning!! oh, and do some planning for the Clothing Swap and some film festing!