Vinyl mania

So, wow. This post has been a long time coming! I decided sevral months ago that I wanted a record player. I loved the esthetic - everything about it. I loved that new bands I love are starting to come out with vinyl albums. I love that the sound is genuine and not digital. I love that you have to sit and listen to the music - its not portable. Yes you can do other stuff while listening but its not as conducive to multi-tasking as iTunes. There's just something about it. So, when I passed my 4-month probation at work, I decided to buy myself a record player. As much as it sounds like I hate iTunes - I don't. I have an iPod (like second generation nano from my dad :) and I enjoy using it - and there is something to be said for having all your music on your computer. Solution! New record players can transfer vinyl to digital mp3s!!

So I waited until I was going up to Edmonton to be able to go to Urban Outfitters to hopefully get this beauty.

Long story short, I got a different one that, despite the sales guy saying he owned it and yes, it had the magic of turning vinyl into digital music, I got home and it did not. ?? I had to go through quite a process to return it (cuz why would I spend $100 for a regular record player that wasn't even cute??).
Back at square one. Fortunately after much online searching I found one! And I received it in the mail on Friday! (A mere 2 months after deciding to get one!). It.is.beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it!

I got it from this random online store that sells vintage bathtubs! But they did free shipping to Canada! The first record I listened to on it was The Beatles - Abbey Road. Perfection. Probably my most prized possession.

I love the hunt for vintage vinyl too - on my first thrift shop stop to look specifically for vinyl, I met this guy who was quite impressed I was collecting vinyl "still" - I told him I was just starting and we had an awesome conversation about music. He also encouraged me to listen to a band - TV on the Radio - I had never listened to them before and loved them! That's such a sweet side effect of vinyl.

Finally, obviously love the album art!! So excited to collect!

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Kara said...

How awesome! I want a record player so bad!