Starting to Fall

So yes! I am going to New York City. I have never been before. I have lists and lists of things to do/see but if you have any tips - please send them my way! Specifically - what Broadway/off-Broadway show should I see? I've seen West Side Story, Mamma Mia and Lion King previously (not on Broadway however) but I want to see something new. I'm thinking I should probably see Wicked - but any opinions? Anything I should steer clear of in New York?

So, it was one of my goals this fall to make a playlist for both autumn and winter. And since it is the first official day of autumn I thought it would be a good day to share my collection of songs. I hope you like! While at work, I always listen to music on GrooveShark. Its awesome. Click the image to hear my playlist.

We have some nice weather coming up this weekend so I'm trying to make some outdoor plans. I'll probably try and go for a walk for sure. This recipe sounds pretty great for the autumn season too. I have alot to do before the end of the week first though! Exciting! Have a great day!

Edited: Link to playlist should actually be working now - sorry!


Ian Elford said...

A few tips:

1. Wear a reflective vest so the cars can see you
2. Keep a map open so you always know where you are
3. Avoid crowds - use alleys wherever possible.

Despite following all these tips, every day a New Zealander is mugged in New York City.

mj said...

haha, please DONT use the alleys!
I saw Wicked in London and the title is pretty self-explanatory. I really like it!

And what recipe is this, my friend?
I hope to join you on Sunday for that walk if that works!

Mich said...

Ian thanks for the helpful tips :)
I'm glad I'm not a New Zealander..Canadians are probably never mugged. Or maybe it just doesn't count if we're the ones saying sorry...

Mel - sweet! Sunday it is. There is a link there to the recipe - its for spiced syrup!

Danny Gamache said...

Absolute must see -- WICKED!

Other great choices:
* In the Heights
* Jersey Boys
* Hairspray

You have to see Wicked... that's all I can say. I saw it in Chicago, where we sat up high. Loved it. So this last summer we went to see it again and this time paid the big bucks to sit in the fourth row.... loved it again.

The other ones are also great. In the Heights was a surprise because we didn't know much about it.

I could tell you about other shows that are on my wish list, but seeing I haven't seen them yet...