Sister Date

Really, can life get better than this? I'm not so sure! Admittedly, we had a little more conversation than reading, but it was a good chat and I enjoyed it. My sister and I went for a little date to Starbucks and the book store before her first day of classes tomorrow. 

We had Pumpkin Spice Lattes :) I was actually introducing someone to this today - they'd never heard of them! I love it, but really one or two is enough for me per season. I'm a bigger fan of the peppermint mocha. mmmm. 

This is just a cute picture of my pretty sister. I can't believe she's starting college this year! I'm so excited for her but it makes me nostalgic and remember all the wonderful things of being a student (and none of the bad things haha). I have to admit I'm a little jealous of all you students out there. Do me a favour and let me in on something you're learning about!


{eleise} said...

how fun!!! =)

Hannah-Leanne said...

You're re-reading HP!?!?! I wanted to do that before the new ones came out but I won't make it.
Stupid School.

Sarah said...

Ahh I love sister time! How fun.