Relaxing Day in the mountains

So I went in to Canmore and Banff yesterday for a little fun time! My parents are amazing and went on a bike ride - I need to do it next time, I was just more in the mood to sit and read. Plus it was sort of a rainy coolish day. On the way in, we saw this amazing rainbow - these pictures do not show how cool it was. It was super close and so bright. It looked like I could see the end of the rainbow! Beautiful reminder.
Sept 12 011
Sept 12 012

Then we went for breakfast! (Sorry Erica!) It was pretty yummy.

Sept 12 013Sept 12 014

Then I read, chatted to some locals, and drank coffee and tea. And then I had a cinnamon spice latte which was SO yummy! And it was my first fancy design drink!! haha

Sept 12 020

And I got to catch up with a couple friends when I got home which was much needed :) Good day.


Ian Elford said...

I love the breakfast at the Sage Bistro so much!! Mmm, those hashbrowns are perfect.

Jillian said...

Thanks for coming by my blog :)
And for purchasing the knot headband!

I will definitely stop by often!

Jana said...

I was just going to say: The Sage Bistro is amazing. But apparently Ian beat me to it!