Party like its 2012

Ooh! How exciting! I won a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers, Delightfully Tacky, for one of my favorite things - a vintage skirt!

I get to choose any skirt from this awesome Etsy shop - To Be Determined (that's their name).  So excited - but I can't choose!! I need to sit and look at every single one :) Thanks Elizabeth and To Be Determined.

Also, discovered this cool website - from what I can tell, its just a fun experiment in typography but seriously. Its fun. The Atlantis one is aMAzing-zing. Its called the Lost World's Fair Project. Makes me (for some odd reason) want to watch the movie Atlantis. That's probably a bad idea...

Going to see Library Voices (again) tonight but for free! Thanks P! The title is a lyric from their new album. They're great and always a good time.

One more exciting thing! My awesome friend Mel is home from England today!! Can't wait to catch up with her after 5 months!!

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