Not back to school post

I am so missing going back to school these days. So many of my friends are talking about and planning to go back to school in the next week or two. My sister's about to start her first year of college and I'm feeling - jealous? Strange...  The other day, there was a just feeling in the air - that it was time for a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, if you know what I mean.

Then yesterday, I went to the open house at our new local elementary school and it was so inspiring! It was full of little families and excitement and wide eyes as little kids were meeting their new teachers and seeing their new classrooms full of fun looking art supplies, cool organizing buckets and baskets, pencil crayons, scissors, journals, and mini chairs. It was so cute! We were probably the only ones walking around without little kids haha but it was so cute to remember elementary school and it was exciting to see the new school right down the street from us that we've watched them build for the last year. My favorite was this little "kits" that one kindergarten teacher had made for the kids' parents on Friday - the first day of school. In the little bags were one kleenex and one tea bag with a little note telling them to have a little cry, have a hot cup of tea and be excited for this change in life. It was so cute!

Anyway, are you going back to school this September? If you aren't, how are you coping?

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