Goal #1 - Make a Mixed Paper journal

Remember my Four Goals inspired by the lovely Elsie?  Well, I actually have been working on them :)

My first goal was to make a mixed paper journal. I may have been the only who knew what I was talking about when I wrote that because I had this envisioned in my mind already but here's some visuals! 

It will also give you a clue to a big thing coming up in my life in October! A trip to New York! I've officially booked off the vacation time, and am planning to buy my ticket this week. I'm trying to coordinate meeting up with friends while I'm there so if you are going to be there let me know! Or if you've been and have some tips let me know! So this journal isn't quite done - I'm planning to write NYC on the cover there but its put together. I'm using it for my planning - lists of places to see and ideas of what I want to do, but I also want to use it while I'm there. I want to sit in coffee shops and journal and sketch ideas and the buildings and art I see and just use it for a general New York inspirational trip. I know I'll want to go back so maybe I'll keep it as an ongoing journal too. 

This is what I mean by mixed paper - graph, lined, blank, old book pages, envelopes, etc. 

Having this cool journal makes the whole planning the trip a super fun part of the process too! I love New York (and I've never even been there!!)


Kyla Roma said...

Oh it's so cute! It looks like you'll love filling it up with beautiful things :)

Hannah-Leanne said...

I knew exactly what you were talking about when you put this down. And yes, that is your earring. I get compliments on it all the time and you're probably not getting it back. But maybe you will . . . one day.

cb said...

that is great! my mom does that for me with the recycled paper from her work, love writing in it!


Dawn said...

Just came across your blog....love it.
And journals have to be one of my most favorite things!
Hope you have a wonderful time in New York!!!!
Happy week ahead to you,

mj said...

So cool Mich. I wish i was half as creative as you are! You will have a fabulous time - even if you don't go and just use your mixed paper journal! haha love you!

Daisy said...

What a fantastic ideas !!