Vinyl mania

So, wow. This post has been a long time coming! I decided sevral months ago that I wanted a record player. I loved the esthetic - everything about it. I loved that new bands I love are starting to come out with vinyl albums. I love that the sound is genuine and not digital. I love that you have to sit and listen to the music - its not portable. Yes you can do other stuff while listening but its not as conducive to multi-tasking as iTunes. There's just something about it. So, when I passed my 4-month probation at work, I decided to buy myself a record player. As much as it sounds like I hate iTunes - I don't. I have an iPod (like second generation nano from my dad :) and I enjoy using it - and there is something to be said for having all your music on your computer. Solution! New record players can transfer vinyl to digital mp3s!!

So I waited until I was going up to Edmonton to be able to go to Urban Outfitters to hopefully get this beauty.

Long story short, I got a different one that, despite the sales guy saying he owned it and yes, it had the magic of turning vinyl into digital music, I got home and it did not. ?? I had to go through quite a process to return it (cuz why would I spend $100 for a regular record player that wasn't even cute??).
Back at square one. Fortunately after much online searching I found one! And I received it in the mail on Friday! (A mere 2 months after deciding to get one!). It.is.beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it!

I got it from this random online store that sells vintage bathtubs! But they did free shipping to Canada! The first record I listened to on it was The Beatles - Abbey Road. Perfection. Probably my most prized possession.

I love the hunt for vintage vinyl too - on my first thrift shop stop to look specifically for vinyl, I met this guy who was quite impressed I was collecting vinyl "still" - I told him I was just starting and we had an awesome conversation about music. He also encouraged me to listen to a band - TV on the Radio - I had never listened to them before and loved them! That's such a sweet side effect of vinyl.

Finally, obviously love the album art!! So excited to collect!


Starting to Fall

So yes! I am going to New York City. I have never been before. I have lists and lists of things to do/see but if you have any tips - please send them my way! Specifically - what Broadway/off-Broadway show should I see? I've seen West Side Story, Mamma Mia and Lion King previously (not on Broadway however) but I want to see something new. I'm thinking I should probably see Wicked - but any opinions? Anything I should steer clear of in New York?

So, it was one of my goals this fall to make a playlist for both autumn and winter. And since it is the first official day of autumn I thought it would be a good day to share my collection of songs. I hope you like! While at work, I always listen to music on GrooveShark. Its awesome. Click the image to hear my playlist.

We have some nice weather coming up this weekend so I'm trying to make some outdoor plans. I'll probably try and go for a walk for sure. This recipe sounds pretty great for the autumn season too. I have alot to do before the end of the week first though! Exciting! Have a great day!

Edited: Link to playlist should actually be working now - sorry!


Where Dreams are Made Of

Just a quick note to share how excited I am that..... 

I'm going to 

I've been planning it for awhile but I just bought my plane ticket so its official. :)


Party like its 2012

Ooh! How exciting! I won a giveaway from one of my favorite bloggers, Delightfully Tacky, for one of my favorite things - a vintage skirt!

I get to choose any skirt from this awesome Etsy shop - To Be Determined (that's their name).  So excited - but I can't choose!! I need to sit and look at every single one :) Thanks Elizabeth and To Be Determined.

Also, discovered this cool website - from what I can tell, its just a fun experiment in typography but seriously. Its fun. The Atlantis one is aMAzing-zing. Its called the Lost World's Fair Project. Makes me (for some odd reason) want to watch the movie Atlantis. That's probably a bad idea...

Going to see Library Voices (again) tonight but for free! Thanks P! The title is a lyric from their new album. They're great and always a good time.

One more exciting thing! My awesome friend Mel is home from England today!! Can't wait to catch up with her after 5 months!!


Relaxing Day in the mountains

So I went in to Canmore and Banff yesterday for a little fun time! My parents are amazing and went on a bike ride - I need to do it next time, I was just more in the mood to sit and read. Plus it was sort of a rainy coolish day. On the way in, we saw this amazing rainbow - these pictures do not show how cool it was. It was super close and so bright. It looked like I could see the end of the rainbow! Beautiful reminder.
Sept 12 011
Sept 12 012

Then we went for breakfast! (Sorry Erica!) It was pretty yummy.

Sept 12 013Sept 12 014

Then I read, chatted to some locals, and drank coffee and tea. And then I had a cinnamon spice latte which was SO yummy! And it was my first fancy design drink!! haha

Sept 12 020

And I got to catch up with a couple friends when I got home which was much needed :) Good day.


Sister Date

Really, can life get better than this? I'm not so sure! Admittedly, we had a little more conversation than reading, but it was a good chat and I enjoyed it. My sister and I went for a little date to Starbucks and the book store before her first day of classes tomorrow. 

We had Pumpkin Spice Lattes :) I was actually introducing someone to this today - they'd never heard of them! I love it, but really one or two is enough for me per season. I'm a bigger fan of the peppermint mocha. mmmm. 

This is just a cute picture of my pretty sister. I can't believe she's starting college this year! I'm so excited for her but it makes me nostalgic and remember all the wonderful things of being a student (and none of the bad things haha). I have to admit I'm a little jealous of all you students out there. Do me a favour and let me in on something you're learning about!


Goal #1 - Make a Mixed Paper journal

Remember my Four Goals inspired by the lovely Elsie?  Well, I actually have been working on them :)

My first goal was to make a mixed paper journal. I may have been the only who knew what I was talking about when I wrote that because I had this envisioned in my mind already but here's some visuals! 

It will also give you a clue to a big thing coming up in my life in October! A trip to New York! I've officially booked off the vacation time, and am planning to buy my ticket this week. I'm trying to coordinate meeting up with friends while I'm there so if you are going to be there let me know! Or if you've been and have some tips let me know! So this journal isn't quite done - I'm planning to write NYC on the cover there but its put together. I'm using it for my planning - lists of places to see and ideas of what I want to do, but I also want to use it while I'm there. I want to sit in coffee shops and journal and sketch ideas and the buildings and art I see and just use it for a general New York inspirational trip. I know I'll want to go back so maybe I'll keep it as an ongoing journal too. 

This is what I mean by mixed paper - graph, lined, blank, old book pages, envelopes, etc. 

Having this cool journal makes the whole planning the trip a super fun part of the process too! I love New York (and I've never even been there!!)


Not back to school post

I am so missing going back to school these days. So many of my friends are talking about and planning to go back to school in the next week or two. My sister's about to start her first year of college and I'm feeling - jealous? Strange...  The other day, there was a just feeling in the air - that it was time for a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils, if you know what I mean.

Then yesterday, I went to the open house at our new local elementary school and it was so inspiring! It was full of little families and excitement and wide eyes as little kids were meeting their new teachers and seeing their new classrooms full of fun looking art supplies, cool organizing buckets and baskets, pencil crayons, scissors, journals, and mini chairs. It was so cute! We were probably the only ones walking around without little kids haha but it was so cute to remember elementary school and it was exciting to see the new school right down the street from us that we've watched them build for the last year. My favorite was this little "kits" that one kindergarten teacher had made for the kids' parents on Friday - the first day of school. In the little bags were one kleenex and one tea bag with a little note telling them to have a little cry, have a hot cup of tea and be excited for this change in life. It was so cute!

Anyway, are you going back to school this September? If you aren't, how are you coping?

I created that image on this cool website - www.wordle.net - check it out!