4 Simple Goals

Inspired by Elsie, I have decided to follow along with her challenge and have made four simple, achievable, and (mostly) fun things I want to do before the end of 2010! Some of these I really want to do, some I just know I need to do. :)

1. Make a mixed paper journal
2. Have a photo shoot that's cute and fun.
3. Go to the dentist, doctor, and eye doctor (can you tell I just started getting benefits? :)
4. Make a playlist for both autumn and winter.

I have lots of exciting things to look forward to for the rest of 2010 - I'll write about them later.

PS - I'm adding Elsie's blog to my list of favorites (it has been for a while actually). I've been reading some of her old posts and she is just so inspiring!


Sam said...

elsie is wonderful :) these are great goals! i love the idea for the journal.

amy lapi said...

great goals! :)
congrats on winning my giveaway :)