Bow River Flow

On Saturday I went down to the Bow River here in Calgary with my family and we had a little "faux-campout." We just made a campfire, ate supper and read and hung out for the evening. Then later that night, we watched an art installation of 500 glowing orbs floating down the river. Check out the movie I made! I've been wanting to make a movie for a long time now and I finally did this! It's my first (and hopefully not last.) PS - turn up the volume - this song is great!

Song: Deep Blue by Arcade Fire


Edmonton Trip

Last weekend my sister and I went up to Edmonton to visit my brother and sister in law. We had a great time and did so many different things. For some reason, I wasn't super in the mood to shop but I did pick up a record at a closing out sale of Megatunes (sad). But we got a good tour of the city, complete with architecture, local shopping, farmer's market, walking by the river, a baseball game, a party with friends, good food, actually lots of good food, bocce ball, the legislature, riding the train and the tram, ice cream, seeing about 15 wedding parties taking pictures, and to make the weekend perfect - Flight of the Conchords. :)

Thanks guys for an amazing trip and thanks Shauna for a fun time and road trip!


4 Simple Goals

Inspired by Elsie, I have decided to follow along with her challenge and have made four simple, achievable, and (mostly) fun things I want to do before the end of 2010! Some of these I really want to do, some I just know I need to do. :)

1. Make a mixed paper journal
2. Have a photo shoot that's cute and fun.
3. Go to the dentist, doctor, and eye doctor (can you tell I just started getting benefits? :)
4. Make a playlist for both autumn and winter.

I have lots of exciting things to look forward to for the rest of 2010 - I'll write about them later.

PS - I'm adding Elsie's blog to my list of favorites (it has been for a while actually). I've been reading some of her old posts and she is just so inspiring!


These days don't come around all the time.

Just remembering those nice days of summer when it actually wasn't raining.

Yesterday I was walking to the train and got caught in near-monsoon conditions. I got on the train - literally soaked to the skin, wet hair, sopping pants and shoes. and everyone else on the train was dry. i just laughed - it was so ridiculous!!

Looking forward to a weekend in Edmonton with my siblings! Its going to be so fun.



So remember the swap I went to back in May? Well I signed up to volunteer and lo and behold - I'm the assistant volunteer coordinator for our next swap in October! I'm super excited about this opportunity to use my "expertise" in event managing as well as my interest in volunteering and fashion! I am a part of the core coordinating team of 5 and we had our first meeting tonight. Its going to be a lot of work but totally fun at the same time. I'm so excited!

I was going to write up a review of Calgary Folk Fest - but let's face it - its not going to happen. I will say, however, that I LOVE Calgary Folk Fest and here is why:
- everyone there loves music - all different kinds are represented, its for all ages and some people like to dance and some don't; but we're all there cuz we like music. I think Calgary does a particularly excellent job of representing different types of music and reaching all people
- the relaxed atmosphere - i LOVE that you can leave your tarp and your bag of extra clothes etc on the ground all day and have no concern that it might go missing
- how it makes Calgary feel like a small town. Sometimes I fool myself into thinking I know only a few people in Calgary. THings like Folk Fest correct me. I ran into so many people  I know - which I love!!
- everyone is just so friendly - I met lots of people and had little convos with others - most everyone is walking around with a smile on their face. THis fest really brings out the hippies in Calgary
- the jams/workshops - on the weekends during the day they have all these different workshops that consist of 3-5 different artists that may or may not have met prior, and they get together and play together. Some are better than others at jamming but when you find a good one - its so amazing and awesome to think that this is an experience that you won't find again.

There were a few bands that I especially loved
- Coolooloosh (from Israel)
- The Avett Brothers (especially the song "I and Love and You"
- Dan Mangan (nominated for the Polaris prize)
- Swell Season (duh. even though he reamed us out)
- Michael Franti and the Spearhead (someone got engaged on stage!)
- Man Man (so crazy..)
- The Cat Empire
- Library Voices (always a favorite)
- St. Vincent
- Stars

Sorry this is a terrible picture - but it was after a monumental jam session that we danced our hearts out to!!

Yup, it was pretty amazing.