Sled Island UPdate

Just haven't felt like blogging recently.

A week and a half ago I volunteered (for the second time) at Sled Island Music Festival. This festival is so great. It spans over four days (plus a film festival before that) and almost twenty different venues across Calgary. I love volunteering for this music fest because I get to meet cool people and be a part of something new and fresh in Calgary. And it's just super fun! Even in the week since, I've run into several people I met or know from Sled Island.

This year, I saw so many different bands again - but here is a taste of a few of my favorites (in no particular order).

I bought Hollerado's CD - "record in a bag" and it is awesome. Here's one of my favorite songs from the record. They're Canadian - from Ontario and are so cute and just oh-so-Canadian.

Turbo Fruit
We actually ended up seeing this band twice. The first time was a bit reminiscent of the "concert" at the end of this music video - but the second time, sadly there were not many people there at all. But it was still a great show. They're pretty fun.

This band is so unique and crazy - but it was such an awesome kickoff to the festival. Sled Island to me is all about expanding the types of music I listen to and discovering new things that I like. I'm not sure what it is about this band but i really liked it. Also - their cool dance moves and ramblings on stage (in a old church packed full of hipsters no less) made it that much more cool.

sleepy sun
This was by far my favorite "experience."  The venue for this concert was in the Science Centre and the concert was in the Planetarium. They had images and the stars on the big screen and it was just so cool. I almost felt like I was at Woodstock haha - it was just so 70's esque.
Their videos are a bit weird so i just put a link to their myspace.

rah rah
This was a fun band from Saskatchewan. I felt like some of them looked familiar to me..
Really liked them.

I have lots of music to buy now!! But the thing is, I really want one of these so I want to buy them on vinyl which will be hard to do now that I'm no longer at their show.... But that's the fun of vinyl - the hunt!

Well, that was Sled Island this year - Obviously saw way more - these were just my favorites. If you're a big music lover I would actually recommend making the trip to Calgary for this fun time. And if you live here - what is wrong with you?? (just kidding. but go. next year)