Just a quick note.

So my computer stopped working a little while ago - hence the silent treatment.

But my family just bought a new computer so maybe I"ll be able to use that.

Meanwhile I have kicked off the start of summer with a bang, and next week is the Sled Island Music Festival that I volunteered for last year. Super excited for that. Started the film festival part of it tonight with a "rockumentary" on the Kinks - only to find out that one of The Kinks' original member - Pete Quaife died today. Very ironically sad.

I've also been working on some art journalling and stuff which I'm really enjoying and just trying to make the most of these beautiful days.

Hope you are doing the same!


It isn't rocket science

The following is what I am calling a little "Fashion Math".

(She & Him 
(thanks Laura!)
500 days of Summer)
(thanks Shauna!)

my interpretation
my wardrobe 
some unnecessary
(cuz it was so beautiful out today!)
the black flats 
I was wearing earlier