The Truth's in One Free Afternoon

This weekend was gorgeous! Sunday was such a nice day. I went to church, ate sushi, read, watched Funny Face, barbecued delicious hamburgers, and went to the park and played catch with a football and a frisbee with my sis. It was such a great day. 
I think this is the first time I've bought real sushi - and I don't even think this is actually REAL sushi because I got it a grocery store. But it was good!! Wasabi makes me choke a bit but I like it. This is the "rainbow roll." 

Check out the flowers in my backyard!! I love that summer is so close - although this week is supposed to get a bit rainy now again. Oh well! Living in Calgary, its good to see so many people really making the most of the weather when its good! So many people out running/walking/riding bikes/rafting down the river!

Lately, I've been thinking more and more about going back to school - which couldn't happen for a while (at least a year) and its weird to think of going back to school when I'm getting older and everything. But its exciting at the same time. I'm hoping to take some classes throughout this year though - just to continue learning and be doing something productive. :) At the same time, I need to pay off my student debt that I have (my goal is by the end of 2010!), and then I'm moving out, and I want to do some travelling too! Too many things to do, too far away, not enough time or money... Its good to have some ideas of what I want though.

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