Swap til you Drop

I went to my first clothing swap ever on the weekend! It was run by The Swap Team. Its also probably one of the few real "fashion events" I've been to. I've read about clothing swaps like this before on other blogs so I have to admit I had pretty high expectations. In some ways, it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but really, for it being the first time they've done this in Calgary, I think it was generally pretty great.
I took some quick pictures - sorry they're so dark, but really, this is an accurate depiction of the event! It was so dark - we all kept commenting that we couldn't see what colour stuff was!

One of my expectations was that there would be a lineup to get in. I got there (later than I was hoping to be there) a half hour early and they thought I was a volunteer! There was nobody there haha. Oh well, I got to drop off my clothes so I could start right away when I came back on time. There was a ton of clothes and a ton of people and not much space but it was really fun and they had music playing and stuff. The clothes were all in pretty good condition - I didn't see anything gross. And it was organized quite well as well. The volunteers were all so friendly and we laughed at how much stuff I was getting! I had just grabbed a bag of stuff my sister was donating to Goodwill plus some stuff I no longer wanted from my closet and so I had so many tickets! I ended up getting 27 things which is a tad ridiculous. haha. I was a bit sad that there was a serious lack of dresses and shirts though. But the good thing was I've been really wanting to get some more shirts - especially ones I can wear to work. I don't usually even look at pants when thrifting! They are most often way too short and if I was looking for something cropped - I find its just so difficult to find pants that work.

I also thought I would meet a bunch of people in the "fashion world" of calgary - but I didn't really meet anyone. I talked to some people but didn't get any names. Now that's totally my fault too but really, I just didn't feel like people were there to interact with others - they were there to SWAP!! oh well - I still had fun and maybe next year I"ll volunteer and provide them with my ideas on how to make it even better!


mj said...

That's really cool, Mich! I totally would've been all over that - but how did you find it?! I love it!

Marie Z. said...

I think they had the same clothing swap in Edmonton but I missed it! Sounds like I missed out! Will have to go next time...