Possibly the first birthday with snow..

I've been playing around with the HTML and stuff on my blog - its not what I want yet but its super fun to experiment and learn!
So, Saturday was my 23rd birthday. Sadly, my friends weren't really available to hang out with, and neither was the sun. It actually was snowing. No matter! I was determined to enjoy my day. It started out great with my mom making a delicious (and pretty!) breakfast of waffles with saskatoons and whipped cream! I got some nice presents (500 days of summer movie! and some money and some new music) and then went out in the rain/snow (in my car) and got my new drivers' liscence, and some other errands and did some sweet thrifting and picked up some watercolor pencils with my birthday money. That night I watched a movie with my mom. The night before I got to put up posters for the music festival volunteer for with my friend and then go to the pub after! It was very fun.

On Sunday, I wanted to go the Ukranian festival - I was really craving some homemade perogies! But, because of the lousy weather and the fact that it was INside, there was SO many people there we couldn't get in! haha. We went out for lunch instead and I got - not perogies - but a steak sandwich which was small but sooo gooood. 

And these are apparently the only pants I wear!! 
Thrifted Joe top
H&M vest
Banana Republic pants

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Hannah-Leanne said...

Bummer about the festival. If it helps, mine was an absolute bust as well. Apparently the Cankerworm is not worth celebrating.