I absolutely love... my new TOMS!

I have an exciting recent purchase to talk about today!!

I was introduced to TOMS shoes while a student at Briercrest - where many of my friends had a pair. The first time I saw them I thought they looked pretty weird, but we all know how fashion works - I've come around :)

I've been wearing an old pair of slip on shoes for the last few years and they are literally smelly and falling apart. It was time to get a new pair of "everyday" shoes. I have my yellow converse but they obviously don't go with everything and seeing as I call them my "longtimeshoes" they're not a replacement for slipons. I've been wanting to get some TOMS so now that I’m getting paid I figured now was a good time.

My sister can attest to the lengthy hemming and hawing over this purchase - should I spend that much money on a pair of casual shoes? and most importantly what colour?? THe main reason for buying a pair of TOMS is that for every pair of shoes you purchase - they give a pair to a child in need. One for One. What an awesome business plan. A couple days after I bought mine I got an email with this cool guy holding a pair of his new shoes! What an awesome thing to know that I’m helping a kid.

I had said before that TOMS are like the opposite of most other shoes as they are giving shoes to kids, whereas walmart shoes are practically taking shoes away from kids. Or they're the ones making the shoes. I want to start to be more willing to pay a little more than "the lowest prices guaranteed" to be more conscious of who and what I'm supporting.
I wanted a pair that I could wear pretty much everyday (possibly even to work) and with anything. And since I tend to be a bit more adventurous in my clothing choices (or am trying to incorporate more patterns and have tons of stripes in my wardrobe) I figured a solid black was the wisest choice. Maybe not the most fun, but I love them and the inside pattern of animals makes me happy! Obviously, if I could have my wish I'd probably have them in every colour! I've heard this so much but had never actually tried on a pair - they serioulsy are soo comfortable!

I broke them in good on the first day by wearing them to the park and playing a little soccer. haha. hmm… no wonder my old shoes were falling apart…. anyway, they seem to be holding up great and I love them and would really encourage anyone to get a pair!


Hannah-Leanne said...

What an exciting summer purchase!!! Congratulations.

mj said...

Hey. That's some serious stuff. I've been wanting to buy some for a couple years! But kept forgetting/waiting....so dumb. I almost ordered some...two days before leaving...but I found some in a store here in London. I want to confirm (feel silly that I didn't at the time) that the store that purchased them, did so legitimately, and were sort of, subsequently supplying these children with the same amazing shoes. They really are amazing. I wear them all day, everyday. And until I did, my feet were being completely wrecked. I wear them to work...all day, and it's dirty, which makes me sad. Mine are grey, which I like..the store didn't have a ton of options..that I know of, at least. I want to buy another fun, patterned pair, that I will never wear to work. I think when I leave London, I will only take my toms and my flip flops. My other shoes are crappy, and very cheap, anyway. Bad purchases, and obviously totally unnecessary.
Go TOMS! And congrats. Love you, more to come in a PM...

suzy said...

those are sweet...i want some. i love the whole one-for-one thing...